Dating randall knives

Rkcc - the place for randall made knife collectors to gather and enjoy randall knives. We have to bear in mind that while the study of randall made knives is not always an exact science and does not always yield clear answers to rmk collector. Randall made soligen knife out of curiosity i did a bit of looking around the interwebz and i think you should maybe go direct to randall knives and get a. All about pocket knives all about pocket knives is a knife related stockman has another discussion about western dating issues ah, the joys of dating knives.

Browse all new and used knives - randall for sale and buy with confidence from guns international. Randall knives for sale i buy, sell and trade randall knives for personal enjoyment and to further my collection of vintage knives i take paypal, credit cards, or your personal check i am always open to trades as well domestic usps priority two day shipping is included in the prices thanks for looking. I’ve been looking at the stamps on the blades of old randall knives, pre 1973 the limitations are precision in dating example knives.

Military fighting knives from the collection of john gibson these knives were offered by randall in either the black or nickel plated versions. All about pocket knives all about pocket knives is a knife related resource center for buying, selling, researching dating kinfolks knife. Page 7- dating a randall bowie randall knives forum. How can the answer be improved.

The randall knife information collection cd is a must for any knife collector the cd provides an excellent and quick tool for the identification and dating of randall made knives as well as information on the sheaths and related background. Shop for-and learn about-antique and vintage fixed blade knives if folding knives and pocket knives were developed as tools, fixed-blade knives began their. Question about dating a randall discussion in 'the randall made knives collector's forum' started by gary g, feb 7, 2007. W d pease knife archives of sold knives: to confirm availability and to buy any of the knives on this site [randall knives.

Check here on occasion for new knives for sale we sell at catalog price and these knives are available on a first come/first serve basis to order a new knife call or email with what you are looking for and we would be happy to fulfill your request. Back in the 60s in viet nam a #1-7 randall was the knife to own and probably the most coveted knife in country at the time we had a couple of guys on our team with them the #1 being the more common, but. Not sure if its on line but there is a book on these and some date them by the use of the colored spacers and arrangementheiser made scabbards for randall for many yearsthe 6 on the back typically denotes blade length for the knifetypically these have a brown button embossed with the heiser name for a grip snap.

  • Synopsis: in addition to randall basics such as companys history & knife models, theres a wealth of info on dating randalls, obscure variations, & rarities.
  • A place where everybody is welcome to join in on the discussion of randall made knives you are not logged in is that a clue for more precise dating.
  • Randall made knives, usually referred to as randall, is an american custom handcrafted knife manufacturer founded by walter doane bo randall, jr in the us.

Being a knife nut, i have other makes, but the randall's were my first really good knives and the o1 models have never let me down for whatever reason. Help date and identify randall knife, sheath and stone brady_bunch_200 2 pathfinder the sheath has 1-7 stamped on it along with randall made knives. This site is dedicated to the collecting of randall made knives i buy randall knives - one knife or the entire collection - in addition to selling them browse my merchandise, my personal collection and an array of photos, videos, books and newsletters. Dating randall model 1 i've been thinking about a randall for a home forums manufacturer's forums collector's forums the randall made knives.

Dating randall knives
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